Saturday, January 2, 2010

Naked britney spears. New picz.

Naked britney spears. Fresh pics...
naked britney spearsnaked britney spearsnaked britney spears
Why is it that the Disney Channel is not African American influences for our Black children? Seems like every successful Disney Channel Icon are Caucasian. From the outset, beginning with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, to Today's Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tidsdale, Selena, Vannessa Hudgens, and the list goes on and on. I am an African American mother and I have a very beautiful talented daughter of one days always interested in the black version of Miley Cyrus. I encourage them to fulfill their dreams and make them a reality for one day and say only good things to my daughter, because I do not want to make blacks feel inferior to them, if I point out to her how I really feel about the Disney Channel. I think rather the reality of what I feel, how their dreams of one day part of the Disney Channel family to me, but deep inside I feel that Disney apparently not in our nature, what I see on the basis of their shows to be interested. You have the power, a girl famous and successful, making quite an idol, but from time to time, they chose a caucasian girl never an African American. There is rarely blacks in their shows and those shows are not the main characters. I know Raven was successful, but shes half white, and so has Corbin Bleu, and he is half white, nothing against interracial their children just that I am speaking purely black girls who can be an inspiration for other black girls. They are currently looking already too when they see BET all they see is half naked women dancing sexually explicit, cursing and fighting over a man or claims that a man with money, etc. If they want MTV see everything that they can see reality shows with peple drink curse, and fight. On VH1 they look the same as Tiffany (New York, from I Love New York) new reality show, and we all know, she's someone whom we do not want our black daughters watch, God forbid! I think that is so bad that even Black girls like my daughter looking up to Miley Cyrus and that is because who else is there for them for reference when on the Disney Channel, that is the hottest most popular TV station for pre - Teens and young people regardless of their race. Is there a way to convey that message to the Disney Channel?
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Britney spears blowjob. Like it.

Britney spears blowjob. New pics from google.

britney spears blowjobbritney spears blowjobbritney spears blowjobbritney spears blowjobbritney spears blowjob

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Britney spears nip slip. Great pics.

Britney spears nip slip. Cool picz...

britney spears nip slipbritney spears nip slipbritney spears nip slipbritney spears nip slip
Do you think my girl Britney Spears is going to blink this weekend? She appears to the nip slip and coochie shots for the weekend.
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Britney spears sexy. Blow mind pics.

Britney spears sexy. Cool pics:

britney spears sexybritney spears sexybritney spears sexybritney spears sexy
Why is all this crap so popular, and people who have amazing voices are in the shade? Have you ever heard of Bonnie Bramlett? Neither can I. Then I began to see Roseanne and heard. I thought what a beautiful voice he has. He looked me up and has many songs. Good songs. Great songs. That voice goes to the heart. So I want to know why Britney Spears and others less TALANT singers sing songs that have 0 sense, and are so popular? Why people do not recognize good music? Nina's voice isn't sexy. Strong and stable voice is sexy. Why, for example, Bonnie Bramlett isn't so popular, even back in his day as Britney Spears was? I also think that Bonnie is much much prettier than Britney.
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