Friday, January 1, 2010

Britney spears sexy. Blow mind pics.

Britney spears sexy. Cool pics:

britney spears sexybritney spears sexybritney spears sexybritney spears sexy
Why is all this crap so popular, and people who have amazing voices are in the shade? Have you ever heard of Bonnie Bramlett? Neither can I. Then I began to see Roseanne and heard. I thought what a beautiful voice he has. He looked me up and has many songs. Good songs. Great songs. That voice goes to the heart. So I want to know why Britney Spears and others less TALANT singers sing songs that have 0 sense, and are so popular? Why people do not recognize good music? Nina's voice isn't sexy. Strong and stable voice is sexy. Why, for example, Bonnie Bramlett isn't so popular, even back in his day as Britney Spears was? I also think that Bonnie is much much prettier than Britney.
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